Well, tourists quite often ask me where “another” Starbucks is. By “another” they mean a different one from the ones situated next door - in the Old Town Square, in the Wenceslas Square and at the National Museum. “Another” ones where they can calmly drink their beverage, read newspapers, work. Fortunately, there are some hidden branches. And I love them. Here they are.

1. Florentinum
This one is the nearest one. It’s close to the Florenc bus terminal, just a few minutes far from Palladium (yeah, there are two SB inside) and you can get there from Na Poříčí street (where another SB is). Who would look for a SB in an office park, right? Although this café is closed on weekends, it’s a perfect spot for a rainy Monday. (credits:

2. Karlín
This branch is my number-one. As I love this district and restaurants around (MY FOOD, Podolka..), nothing can’t beat an after-lunch coffee there. They have an outside seating, smiling baristas and I don’t know why but also the most delicious latte. (credits:

3. The Park
Well, the last one is in the suburbs. This tip is probably for those who study the University of Economics and look for a quiet place in Chodov. Except of the Starbucks in the shopping centre Chodov, there is also another one just across the street in The Park. What can be better than studying hard surrounded by guys from Sony or Oracle, right? A motivation gratis. 🙂 This branch is open MON - FRI. (credits:

Find your favourite Starbucks in our MAP.

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