SPIZIRNA 1902 | Prague Coffee Guide

Vinohrady is a district famous for its cafes and bistros - that’s nothing new for you who regularly read our posts. Last summer a new bistro in Korunni St. opened and we have recently visited the place for the second time, took some photos and have written a review!

Spizirna 1902 is a cosy place, great to visit anytime you want - they open early morning so that you can have a breakfast there, you can even stop there to have a light lunch and even go out there with your friends and have a glass of wine or a homemade lemonade. We tried several food and drink species, including their coffee and grandma’s cake - and we loved them! But the fascinating item is the interior there. Those wallpapers of flowers everywhere - they're so unique and beautiful. We really appreciate the way they designed the bistro and can’t wait to come back there again. Actually, it’s almost around the corner, so why not soon!

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