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If you are longing for a really tasty cup of coffee or for a small delicious refreshment, you’re in Oliver’s Coffee Cup on the right place. We had been looking for so long for a small, calm café where we could do our homework or just prepare for exams and then we found this little café in the centre of Prague (in the Wenceslas Square). This spot has become for us even more important, because we met each other there, took some of these pics, talked about the idea of having a blog and.. Well, it’s our story, who cares. 🙂 It’s a place where you can meet your favourite bloggers (us) quite often. And that’s the reason why we can both simply recommend you this magical place full of love and peace. The service is really friendly and helpful and the menu is full of delicious sandwiches, cakes and delicate beverages. So enjoy your days, meals and cups of tasty coffee in Oliver’s Coffee Cup !:)

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