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Well, it has been a pretty long time since we came back from Barcelona to Prague. And it’s even worse that so far no post about it on our blog. So, we decided to start with something we deeply love – with a great cup of coffee made in Barcelona. Welcome to Nømad Coffee, the only café we managed to visit during our stay there and we were so happy that we chose one of the best cafés in the city.

Nømad Coffee is located at three places in Barcelona, but we explored the original one opened in 2013 that is called Lab & Shop. You can find it in Passatge Sert 12, which is few-minute-walk from Arc de Triomf. The other ones are called Nømad Coffee Røaster’s Home, where they roast coffee beans, obviously, and Nømad Coffee Every day, the only branch opened also at weekends. víkendu. The owner and director of Nømad Coffee is Jordi Mestre, a Spanish guy who spent a few years in London, working as barista in a café, so when he returned home, he made a great decision – opened his own café. Besides running a successful business, he also won national Barista Championship. Unfortunately, we weren’t lucky to meet him, but the lady that prepared two iced lattes for us was very talented and nice as well. And what about the coffee? It was fantastic, absolutely beyond description. By the way, they sell their coffee beans and some other merch too, so if you are in Barcelona right now and do not know what to bring home as a present, stop there and buy some cool stuff. Thanks a lot for an extraordinary experience, we hope to come back one day!

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