London’s Shoreditch Grind

What would it be for a trip if we hadn't visited at least one of London's cafés. Even when visiting and exploring foreign cities and places which are for us new and unknown, we still remain being the two coffeelovers as you know from our blog. Of course, this time it couldn't have been different. When we were scrolling down the instagram profile @londoncoffeeshops, we found a really beautiful and cosy café which we fell in love with and wanted by hook or crook to visit. The café's name is Grind. Today, there are many Grinds to be found in London, but the original one and the first one is located very close to the Liverpool Street Station. Considering the location, the café was on our way to the Stansted Airport where we were heading because of our flight home. Coincidence? We don't think so.

Shoreditch Grind was founded 2011 by two guys, David Abrahamovitch and DJ Kaz James, who built a music studio as a part of the café. This place has hosted stars such as Tinie Tempah and Sam Smith. And, as Sam said: 'I f***ing love this place' - we totally understand!!! So far, the two guys has managed to get such nice spots for their lovely cafés, such as a building in front of the Bank of England or a cosy spot in SOHO. Every time you enter these nice cafés you know that you came to one of the Grinds, especially because of the white and black furniture and lighting writings and signs. Super DELICIOUS COFFEE, cosy, friendly atmosphere and hipster look - that's what we call perfection.

Because of being in hurry a bit, we had just one cappuccino and flatwhite, nevertheless both were more than we could have ever wanted :).  In consideration of the super tasty coffee and the lovely interiors and atmosphere you can certainly imagine that the last thing we wanted at that time was to leave this place. Grind, see you next time!

And, what about you? Have you bumped into one of Grinds when strolling in London? 🙂 

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