MY MEAL | Olomouc Coffee Guide

  Bistro ‘my meal’ is a perfect place in Olomouc where you can taste pasta, pizza or burger, meet up with your friends and have beer in the evening or just stop there during a lunch time. The interior is magical, wooden-stylish and cozy. Check it out while scrolling down the page. Official website


Well, it’s no secret that we adore soups by UGO. They are healthy, delicious and available almost everywhere. As the previous post about them was quite popular, we are launching UGO Vol. 2! Keep reading. The fall have just come and many new dishes by UGO as well. Beside fantastic salads the salateries also offer […]

SPREEGOLD | Berlin Coffee Guide

In the very last morning in Berlin we decided to have breakfast at Speergold, a cozy bistro in “Mitte”. The restaurant is just a few minutes far from Alexanderplatz, let’s say that it is around the corner. Although it looks quite inconspicuous, it was so busy! We were hardly able to find a place to […]

CAFÉ LOUVRE | Prague Coffee Guide

Brunch or lunch in art nouveau style. Only in Prague. Well, it was Monday morning and we decided to have the most romantic brunch in Prague. Of course in Café Louvre in Národní St.. The interior is decorated in art nouveau style and the café is actually only few metres far from the National Theatre. […]


When you live in Prague and work in the centre of this town, you have to face several everyday problems. Firstly where to eat. It may seem that there are many good restaurants in the centre, but tell me – how many of them are mainly for locals and not tourists? Actually we grew fond […]

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