Summer is coming and if you are going to spend some time in Prague during the following hot months, we strongly recommend you read and save this post. The article is packed with the very best ice cream shops in Prague and at its end, we enclose a useful map.


We usually open the ice cream season there. They opened in 2007 and since that moment they have tempted thousands of people. They're ice cream is fantastic, check it in their one of three branches.


Crème de la Crème

The only one shop we haven't visited yet. Shame on us, we know! They have just opened a second branch in the old town, calling it Ice Cream Saloon - sounds pretty good - so damn good that we probably must hurry. Looking at the photo of their ice cream, we are really looking forward to trying it.

Puro Gelato

If you are a traditional customer of the famous Rašín's river bank so called Náplavka, than you probably know this shop. Puro Gelato is a great place with three branches in the city, making one of the best ice cream we have ever tasted. The second shop is located close to the astronomical clock, so if you don't have time to go partying to Náplavka, you'll still probably chance on their shop. This year, they opened its third sweet store in Vinohrady. Update 2019: Their fourth branch has been recently opened in Slovansky dum in the famous shopping street Na Prikope, n. 22!


Residents of Vinohrady district surely know this shop. Zmrzlinar has a great ice cream and we put our signature under that. Last week we tasted the strawberry, cranberry, hazelnut and coconut flavours and they were all ambrosial. Zmrzlinar is located at Slezska St.


Well, you have probably read our post about Parlor, but we are pleased to repeat it again. Parlor is a unique concept of ice cream shop and café, where a famous Ice Cream Sandwich is prepared. What is it? It's an ice cream between two cookies. Doesn't it sound great? Their only shop is located at 37 Křižíkova St.


Svetozor is a Czech traditional family business with more than 40-year success. Their strawberry-banana flavour of soft serve ice cream is a smash and you definitely have to check it. You can also mix it with fruit, toppings, whatever you want. Yeah, it's a paradise.

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