Traveling to Budapest for the First Time (8 Tips & Tricks)

It would be no vacation without giving you some tips and tricks on the place we have visited. This time we take a look at Budapest, a beautiful city in the heart of Hungary, that we visited for the very first time back in July this summer. Have a seat, sip a coffee and let’s get the journey started!

#1 A flight might be the cheapest option

Flying from Prague seems like the cheapest option at all, as the return journey can be as cheap as 28 EUR (720 CZK) – of course, operated by Ryanair. But for you folks who do not live in Prague, a bus or a train might be a better choice. They cost like 20 EUR (500 CZK), but you get to the final destination within 5 hours, meanwhile getting to the airport, waiting there ahead 1-2 hrs, spending 1 hour on board and then getting from the airport to the city centre of Budapest results in 5 hrs in total too.

#2 Change your money ahead and prefer paying by card

The Forint (Ft / HUF) is the official Hungarian currency. 1 EUR equals approx. 335 HUF, so you can easily imagine how many bills you get when you change a few hundreds of Euros. To avoid carrying after such a bunch of notes, pay by card. It is widely available and much easier and safer. We really like Revolut, because they offer great exchange rates, free withdrawals, Apple pay and much more.

#3 Try airbnb ’cause you’ll love those mini-apartments

When staying in Budapest, we tried airbnb for the very first time and it was perfect! Budapest is a hub of small apartments that you can rent for quite a good price and many of those are located in the city centre or close to underground/tram stations. We paid 100 EUR per two nights in a cosy apartment near Astoria station, which is in the hipster district of the city. What a cool place, by the way, we strongly recommend it!

#4 Use their public transport as much as you want

Public transport operates in the whole city and it is reliable, convenient and quite cheap. A one-day pass costs like 4 EUR and it permits you to use everything, from the underground to trams, buses and trolleys. Maybe you meet a bus nr. 100, which connects the city centre and the airport – for this one you need to buy an extra ticket which costs 900 HUF / 3 EUR, but it is a direct connection and worth the money.

#5 Have a look into their Parlament Building

Tickets for this extraordinary building are available to buy in advance on this official website and especially in the high-season time it is recommended to purchase them before your visit. Unfortunately, we spent just two days in Budapest so we cannot give you more tips on sightseeing, but Buda Castle or National Museum looks amazing as well, so do not skip those once you plan your travel.

#6 Thermal baths? Sure!

We feel ashamed because we missed one of the most important stops in Budapest – thermal baths. Our friends say that the very best ones are Spa Széchenyi a Spa Gellért. In our defence, we were visiting Budapest while the outside temperature was 30 degrees and sunny, but those baths are better to visit when the weather is a little bit colder.

#7 Coffee shops on every corner

Budapest is well known for its coffee shops which are literally on every corner. We explored Kontakt Café and café My Little Melbourne, had a brunch in Cirkus Café and burgers in Meatology and we can’t wait to show you these places in our next blog posts, which should come out soon (stay tuned!). There is also Central Market Hall with all the traditional delicacies like Langos or Gulash, so do not miss this place!

#8 Panoramic views of Budapest? No problem!

We gave a chance to Buda Castle and Citadella. Both are accessible on foot or by cable car/bus. And the views are breathtaking.

Eventually, we found out that two days in Budapest were just the beginning and we need to come back there one day and discover other hidden gems, galleries, cafés and others. Have you been to Budapest? Did you like the city? We long for hearing from you and sharing your tips with us all in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “Traveling to Budapest for the First Time (8 Tips & Tricks)

  1. It seems really nice in the city, I never thought, that Budapest could be so nice. I visited it few times, but I mostly traveled just from train station to airport or hotel and there, it never seem like on the photos. I have to agree with money – I heard (and almost happened to me also) there if you are going to change money to some office on the street, you can meet some guys, who try to offer you better rate for your currency, but they are actually scammers.

    1. You’re totally right! Regarding the money changing on the street, it seems the situation is very similar to Prague and I guess other non-Euro countries experience the same. We hope our photos inspired you to explore Budapest from its different perspectives. 🙂 P.

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